So, how does it WOrk?

Well, we are happy you asked! We want to make sure you understand the process from beginning to end.

IMG_2969 2.JPG

Step 1 - Reach Out

We want to meet you and hear all about your event. We need the details. Reach out to us by email or by submitting our contact form. On the contact form, you can fill out and select the details needed to assemble a price quote. If you would like to email a question over, please feel free to email

Step 2 - Review Proposal

We will prepare a detailed price quote for you to review based on the details you have provided via email or the contact form.

Step 3 - Contract and deposit

Once you have reviewed the proposal, you’ll sign the contract and pay your 50% deposit. By signing the contract and paying your deposit, you will have secured your date and the Tipsy Tumbler for your event.

step 4 - Confirm the details

We will be contacting you about 60 days (or sooner for late bookings) before your event to confirm all the details. If you selected to have cocktails at your event, this is the time to let us know which cocktails you prefer.

Step 5 - pre-event Consultation

Whether you elect to have cocktails, beer, or wine at your event, we will have a pre-event consultation. The consultation is necessary to finalize details, answer any additional questions, and align expectations.

Step 6 - The bIG DAY

On the day of the event, we will arrive at least two hours before the beverage service time to set up and prepare the bar for service. When it’s go time, we will give you and your guests the very best Tipsy Tumbler experience!